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Hair Spray

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FiberHold Spray

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This is the Hair Spray that you use after applying the Hair Fibers.

Discover Foli Glow's Hair Fiber Spray, a revolutionary product designed to lock in and set your hair fibers for all-day hold.

Get the confidence of a secure, natural-looking finish with our easy-to-use, long-lasting formula. Ideal for use with Foliglow Hair Fiber Powder, this spray ensures your hair stays looking fuller and thicker throughout the day.


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How it works

Spray Applicator:

1. Unscrew Hair Fibers cap.

2. Twist and pull off sifter.

3. Screw the Spray Applicator onto the bottle.

4. Press down on the pump.

5. Applying more or less pressure controls the amount of Hair Fibers dispensed.

    Foliglow fiber lock hair spray
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